When the government fails you, it it okay to proceed against to government for the good of others?  That is the question Repentino. asks when you consider one exceptional case, in Vio.me – see here:


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Documentary Films – Setting You Free…Film Series Part II

Look at the excerpt below about this:

Next Stop – Utopia – Again, one of those looks into a way that government seems to stop helping, and individuals that want to change the outcomes of their country – this is an AMAZING film to see how those privileged, and maintain the privilege, despite those struggling, and fighting for a better way- this is a success story worth of examining.  When, in the United States so much accountability is being asked for in the wrong individuals, much attention is needed to be brought and given to other countries – to increase the possibility of what this country can do, and that country/  Vio.me is an example of what is needed in the world, NOT walls, but a willingness to open the doors to be collaborative in helping each other, and not beating each other.  Next Stop: Utopia has so many messages worth investigating, this is something you can’t read and gather it all, you have to see the process and understand what it can mean for the world.    P.S.  I do NOT like Christina Philippou, at all!

From the director Apostolos Karakasis:

“They are going against the law, the judicial authorities and the factory’s ex-owners, while they fight to gain some kind of legal status. There are conflicts within the group as well; practicing direct democracy among people with different attitudes, convictions and ideas can be very hard. But what proves to be the hardest, is the inner conflicts each individual has to face as the times are calling for a deep personal transformation. These people in their fifties are forced to develop a new identity, one that will allow them to survive in dignity and withstand the sufferings of an «outrageous fortune». The giant shifts they have to perform can sometimes seem comic and tragic at the same time.”


We’d like your thoughts! We felt if a small group of workers within Greece has the ingenuity, then others outside of the country should also want to help!


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