As a senior in high school who is currently applying to college, the cost of attending a 4-year university is on my mind. Education is something that is so important to many people, yet the price of attaining a higher level of knowledge may deter some from going to college. It is hard to say what our nation should do about this problem, especially since everyone has their own view. The article “Is College Tuition Really Too High?” Adam Davidson talks about how tuition at private institutions has risen about three times since 1974, and public college tuition has increased by about four times. It was very jarring to read about how much the price of getting a higher education has increased in a world that values it so much. It is unfortunate that the price of going to school could be detrimental to that person. I wanted to do some research about how people in this situation could alleviate some of these high prices until hopefully something is done about the growing college prices. In “23 Ways To Lower College Tuition” Vanessa McGrady covers ways to help pay for college, such as taking summer courses or aiming to finish courses in three years. Although, these options may not work for some, it was interesting to see the ways to be smart about money. The articles I read show that college prices have been and are going to keep rising and that until this trend is stopped, there are ways to try and ease the steep prices.





  1. Ashley 4 years ago

    I Ashley Evans, who is also a senior, totally agrees with this post, I believe if college was cheaper many more individuals would attend. Not being able to afford education is not something someone should have to worry about. Everyone has the right to education but with tuition being so expensive not everyone is able to.

  2. Emma 4 years ago

    This is a very well written post. I am also a senior who is applying to colleges and it is unfortunate that the price of a school os what is going to determine where I go. College is so expensive and I believe the price need to be lowered. For a nation that values education so much, why are they making us pay so much for it. One of our human rights is the right to education. Because of the cost of education, some people are unable to have it. This was a great post.

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