I have always believed that America is a place where people try and do achieve their dreams. It is also a place where people are given second chances to live a better life and start over. I can relate to this because I was adopted from Cambodia but raised in America. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as me and many people are faced with great barriers before being able to come live and be an American. Although I do not understand all of the things that go into deciding who gets to become an American citizen, from my high school perspective and at the moment, I want as many people possible to have the chance that I had to become an American. In other words, I tend to be against immigration restriction however, I also know that America cannot hold everyone. Of course some would argue against this such as people like Trump. In the article, “Presidential Candidates Offer Competing Immigration Plans” Trump gives reasons why he thinks immigrants are bad (O’Sullivan). In another article called, “Why More Immigration Is Bad For America” it gives a few reasons why migration might be hurting America instead of helping (Foster). In any case immigration is a much debated topic. What is your opinion?


O’Sullivan, Mike. “Presidential Candidates Offer Competing Immigration Plans.”VOA. VOA, 13 Oct. 2016. Web. 14 Oct. 2016.

Foster, Howard W., Amitai Etzioni, Aftan Snyder, and Sean M. Bigley. “Why More Immigration Is Bad for America.” The National Interest. Center For The National Interest, 5 Sept. 2014. Web. 14 Oct. 2016.



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  1. Lilly 4 years ago

    Hi Tevy,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about immigration. I find Immigration to be a political issues that is super important. I agree with you about America being a place for better lives and second chances because it truly is this. People from other countries come here for better opportunities. Our country is very diverse and I believe that a lot of individuals find that to be appealing. My opinion on immigration is that we should be for it and support it. As you said though, America can’t hold everyone, and that is something I’ve thought about before too. But people should be able to be free and live in a place where they are able to have better lives.

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