A person gets shot… “we need more gun control.” A tragedy happens where someone is killed “more gun control.” You get the point! Whenever something bad happens everyone is quick to blame the guns as they are to blame the people using them.

You know what I have to say to that?


It honestly bothers me a lot when there is talk going on about more gun control. It’s already controlled more than enough. The only option left is outlawing them, but will it really do anything?

People think that creating more laws that pretty much make it impossible for the average person to get a gun will be the answer to reducing violence, but no one ever stops to really think about it. If guns do become outlawed or have hardcore restrictions on it what makes people think that criminals won’t still be able to get their hands on it?

I mean drugs are illegal, but people (especially criminals) are still able to manufacture, sell, and buy them so why won’t they be able to do the same with guns? These are the questions nobody, especially politicians ever thinks about.

In the article,“How Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stack up on guns,” Hillary Clinton talks about how she’s for gun control and how Trump is against it.

Trump is right on that because why control something that doesn’t need anymore control or restrictions? History has taught us anything it’s that power will always eventually be abused, so if the police and military are the only ones with guns how long before they abuse their power or get used by politicians who want to abuse their power?

In the article “GUN CONTROL AND GUN RIGHTS” by USNEWS it talks about how the “right to bear arms” being part of the Second Amendment of the Constitution prevents it from being altered too much. It is understandable that at the time the Second Amendment was drafted it was during a revolution against the British Army, so it is reasonable for why it was written the way it was. While laws should adjust with the time being, I think that people should still be allowed to own guns because just like a hammer or a hatchet, guns are just tools that will only work if someone make them.


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  1. Cami 2 years ago

    Hi Ramazan, I agree that at this point it will be almost virtually impossible to keep people from getting their hands on guns, however, Americans often forget what the second amendment was originally created for. The full second amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Guns were made legal in case of the need for a militia. I don’t think it should be legal, nor do I think it is necessary for the everyday citizen to own a gun. That’s just my opinion on the issue.

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