The cost of college is something that’s important to me because I come from a poorer family. I want to get a good job that makes good money, but to be able to do that, I have to go through college.

     Within “Why Is College So Expensive”, Andrew Jensen argues that student financial aid is actually rising the cost of college, the goes on to explain why college is so expensive in the first place. He lists factors that contribute to the cost of college, some being about plain peer pressure. Peter Harkness talks about how closely correlated debt and college tuition is in the article “The Politics of Rising Tuition Costs”, then gives facts about things the government is doing in terms of financial help.


Andrew Jensen- Why Is College So Expensive?

Peter Harkness- The Politics of Rising Tuition Costs




  1. Callie 4 years ago

    I completely agree with your point that it is nearly impossible to get a well-paying job without getting a college education, and that is becoming increasingly difficult. If students cannot afford to go to college as a result of the ridiculous tuition and room and board fees, then they will be unable to get a job that can support them financially. I also agree that the mass amount of student loan debts are a significant problem to our generation. What do you think is the best course of action for our country to resolve this problem? Great job!

  2. Rachel 4 years ago

    Asha, I too researched the rising costs of college tuition. It is becoming ridiculous to expect students to be able to afford these increasing prices in order to receive the education that they are seeking. Every student, if they are interested in furthering their education past high school, should be able to pursue it. Unfortunately, that is not the way things are set-up in our current society. I believe that legislation needs to be implemented in some form or another in order to fix this problem.

  3. Raywa 4 years ago


    I enjoyed reading your post on the cost of college because it is a topic I care about as well. It was interesting to hear that financial aid may be increasing the cost. I wonder that would be and why colleges still give it out. I agree that getting an education is important and people who go to college often have a lot of debt. I keep thinking about what a solution for this problem might be. Do you have any ideas about how this could be fixed in our country? Great post!

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