40% of trans kids including myself have attempted suicide. Why is this? Some people may argue that transgender people have the exact same rights as others but that is NOT the case. I am a transgender male myself and they’re are many things that I feel scared or can’t do because of my gender identity. Since I do not pass a male all the time I feel so scared and threatened to go into the bathroom in fear of being beat up.

If you don’t already know, several states have proposed the ‘Bathroom Bill’ forcing people who were born as one sex but identify as the other have to use the bathroom of their biological sex. This was especially scary for me because I live in a state that wants to pass this bill. People are still fighting to stop it.

Transgender people have to go through so much just to get a sex change or hormone replacement therapy. Why do we have to go through so much just to feel content with our selves? In the US it costs lots of money for this stuff and insurance usually doesn’t pay for all of this.

So what can we do to help? Just be accepting! If you know someone who you think might be gender fluid or transgender, ask their pronouns and be respectful. They’re trying to go about the world normally, so don’t go out of your way to criticize them.


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  1. Anna 2 years ago

    Ian, this is very well written and extremely powerful. I also live in a very conservative state that wants or wanted to pass the same bill, which I think is 100% unconstitutional. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable with themselves and the fact that some people deny that right just because they are different really makes me sad and scared. This should be shared with as many people as possible because I think that this has a powerful message that enact change. Good job!

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