There are a lot of problems that are talked about in the debate one of which is gay rights.

I’ve heard that Trump is on both sides of his own arguments. I’ve heard pro- and anti-gay rights stuff from him but apparently his most recent take on all of this is  America is “going to hell” because the NFL defended openly gay player Michael Sam. He has always opposed it in the past and it seems he still is. Though that’s not all I have to say for this matter.

Aside from the election, there are several downsides to being gay in this country.

For one there are jobs that just won’t hire you because you’re gay.

Number two is that some jobs give you less pay for being gay. 

You also have less legal protection when you’re married, for being gay.

That last one is absolutely terrible, isn’t it? there are literally straight specific laws that don’t apply to gay people.

So that concludes my first post on this website, please leave comments saying what I can do for my next article and what you’re standpoint is.

Thank you

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  1. Cecilia 2 years ago

    Dear Ian,
    Okay so I totally agree with you on all the cons about being gay and I hate this because those cons go for the whole LGBT community. I know this because i am Bisexual and I do often get picked on for being this way. This is terrible because it lowers our self esteems and as you said I don’t think Trump is doing a good job in making the LGBT community feel any better about themselves. I really love how you wrote cons about being gay or part of the LGBT community because I think it sort of opens people’s eyes when they are reading your writing.

  2. Grace 2 years ago

    Hi Ian- this is a great topic to discuss and I completely agree with you. It is very unfair and unjust for them. They deserve fair treatment and protection as the rest of us do. This issue needs to be resolved. Equal rights for everyone

  3. Cami 2 years ago

    Hi Ian, I also researched an issue related to the LGBTQA community. The laws that exist in this country are disgusting, aren’t they? It feels like our history is taking a step backwards as some people still try to argue that gay people deserve less rights than straight people. I believe that everyone should be treated equally because love is love. Great post, Ian.

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