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Im from oakland

yea Dimond and Mcarthur

across the street

where they shot a lil girl

I’m from a poor family

where my father took everything

and left for another women

who left him for another man

I’m from a apartment

with closed doors and windows

hiding my mother

and stepfather from I.C.E

I’m in a country

where blacks and Latinos

lives don’t matter

like the white people’s

I’m from a mother

who barely knows my name

who barely spends time with me

where there are 3 other

mouths to feed

Im a person who

is raised by a grandmother

I love her more than

I love my own mother

I see my Father

Twice a month

for only two hours

cause he’s sleeping all the time

getting ready for the night shift

I see my Theaprist twice

a week cause my problems are too big too handle

she says i’m depressed

I’m from a family

that blames me for my grandpas death

cause he died two days

after i was born

I’m from a school

where there is laughs and frowns

where what you wear gets you people

and your personilty makes you a loser

Im a soccer player

I compare my life to the ball

cause like the ball it starts crying when kicked on a wet field

but is when when there is a score

life isnt complete without her.

Im from a country

where latinos are called beaners

or wetbacks

where respect doesnt exist

Im from a household

where there is no one rubbing your back

anyone is expect to do what they have to do

where friends arent family cause theyre family

Im from a place

where I play soccer

where I live my fucked up life

where death is more of a population

Where my depression

takes more of my life

where my pills make me

fall asleep into my sadness.

Im a place

where no one

knows this darkside of me

Im from Oakland.




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  1. Julio 4 years ago

    this was a good poem

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