In I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, there are twins-Jude and Noah-that used to be super close but sadly some things happen that start to ruin their relationship. Jude tells the later years, while Noah tells the earlier years. Jude is the cool twin while Noah is the weird one, however there personalities swap in the future. This is so relative to know a day siblings because I feel like now with all this technology you don’t really connect with the people around you. Also some siblings will stop talking to one another because they are too focused on their social life and start thinking that their siblings are an embarrassment to them.

I have 10 siblings and I am the youngest so I’m the 11th child. My siblings and I hardly have any conversations together anymore unlike when I was younger and we were all pretty close. My brother most likely hardly talks to me ‘cause he sees me as embarrassing (which I guess I am:p). Any how everyone will judge someone just by who they are seen with so they’ll never want to be seen with their siblings(unless they’re cool).  We all started separating when technology came into our lives. I got an iPod as well as my sisters then my brother got a phone so we all got extremely addicted to them, no matter how much we denied it we knew it was true. It didn’t really bother me as much because I was too into my iPod to care.however now that I don’t have one it bothers me a whole lot.

I do know that in some families they may stop talking because of other reasons, such as jealousy or just not accepting them for who they are. I believe however that the main reasons are technology, and being embarrassed of them. If there is anything else I missed please comment. Again these are my opinions so feel free to disagree.


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  1. Daniela 2 years ago

    Dear Monica,
    I agree with you and can relate on how siblings don’t speak. I have 2 younger brothers. The youngest I have a very great connection with and we get along so well. My other; we always clash, we are both 2 different people so it can be very frustrating, and I come to point at times that it would be okay not to speak to him. But hopefully as we grow up we grow closer together and not further apart.

  2. Natalie 2 years ago

    I agree with this and can relate to this. I also have an older brother and I have noticed that as we have grown older we are not as close as we used to be, which is disappointing. As siblings I hope that we can rekindle our past relationship in this future. I also wish the same for you and your siblings.

  3. Montana 2 years ago

    Dear Monica,
    I believe that your statement about siblings not talking to each other is very true. My sister and I don’t talk as much as we use too anymore. This is because technology is taking over our lives and we are relying on it for our social lives as well. Also, I believe that us as siblings don’t appreciate each other as much. Most of all, I thought your statement was very unique and a very good topic to come across. But, I don’t agree that families stop talking to each other as much because they are jealous; I think it is mostly because of social media.

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