I am from Oakland, CA where people get shot and killed.

I am from “who cares” and selfish. When most of the women

think they’re beautiful. I am from a loving home, but most

of the time I feel lonely. I am from a place where I don’t exist.

From a place where people don’t want in their life. I am from

a where people don’t hear me saying “help me”. I am from loneliness

and sadness. Where I only see darkness. I live with my mom, dad, and sister who is now in college.

It’s been different without my sister and we miss her deeply. My parents work day and night to

earn money and for our family. I have faith in us and pray for god.

I am from a place to look to the sky, looking to the future and saying “I’m here.”

I am from Oakland and this is who I am.



  1. Giselle 4 years ago

    Your piece has such a strong voice, and allowed me to picture every line. It made me evaluate my own community and think about my feelings towards it

  2. Genevieve Liston 4 years ago

    Hi Stephanie, this is a very powerful piece of work. You really got to the heart of your emotions well. I feel that you have expressed what is important to you and how you feel. I also think it is so important for all of us to really ask ourselves and express how we feel, and this is a great example.

  3. Andres 4 years ago

    i feel u

  4. Quest 4 years ago

    I like how you dig deep into your fealings

  5. Semon 4 years ago

    This is a powerful poem. Good job Stephanie.

  6. Thaarini 4 years ago

    Wow, Stephanie, I am amazed on how powerful your writing is! You portray the loneliness and restrictions you feel in your town, but you still have that hopeful tone at the end, which is uplifting and I liked it very much.

  7. Averie 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading your piece. Even though it isn’t that long it is deep and really let’s the reader into your life and shows a lot about you and what it is like for you and your family living in Oakland CA.

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