Our two candidates represent their party fairly well. There are two very distinct sides. Trump stands behind the Pro-Life side. He believes both lives are important, not necessarily the quality of life, but that no baby deserves to be terminated (except for in cases of rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is at stake). Hillary is on board with the other side. The Pro-Choice. She believes it is the mother’s decision, her life that she individually gets to decide for, as well as the baby she has created and would grow within her. I find these opposing views interesting, especially because one is a man, who will never have this issue, the other is a woman, who could have had this issue, or at least has experienced childbirth and pregnancy. As of now Abortion is legal in the USA, although restrictions vary state to state. In Utah in particular there are very strict laws. The only abortion clinics are within the Salt Lake County, making it difficult for surrounding communities to receive care. I personally hope that one day we will be able to let women make their own decision and have choice for their own bodies.

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  1. Alea 2 years ago

    I completely agree, Chloe. Your point about Trump never having to deal with this issue is spot on. I think Hillary, as a woman, has a much better understanding of women’s rights. Excited to see your future posts!! 🙂

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