I am the youngest out of four kids

also known as the black sheep

I come from a lovely and supportive family

who encourage me to do good in school


I am a person who lives in a strange place

where everything you hear is danger

walking in the streets  surrounded by negativity

not knowing if it’s the last day of your life


I live in a place where racism is normal

where dreams and goals can be hard to reach

and so many obstacles to overcome

but most of the time we give up


Nothing is easy in this world

but anything can be accomplished if you work hard

I know how I want my future to look like

so I never stop believing  in myself




  1. Joselyn 4 years ago

    Great poem, keep believing in yourself!

  2. Carmen 4 years ago

    i really liked your poem never stop believing in your goal or dream because you can accomplish it

  3. Jose 4 years ago

    this is great!!!!!!! i really liked it it was different

  4. Isabella 4 years ago

    so sad but so true keep on believing yourself and you can accomplish anything!

  5. Tevy 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed your poem. I especially liked the last part of it where you said that you can never stop believing in yourself. I think that sometimes it can seem like no one else believes in you so you have to believe in yourself. I also come from a supportive family but have not dealt first hand with racism I like how you talked about it in your poem. Nice Job!

  6. Ian 4 years ago

    That’s a buetiful poem

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