I’m from Oakland where people do drugs and do not give a rat when they pop yo. I am a 15-year-old child and others child’s killed when they young. I am from a place that woman get call bitches, not wife. I’m from a place that 14 0r 15-year-olds boys do not go nowhere without a gun. I’m from Oakland that girls do not leave out the house with a taser gun. I’m from Oakland that mother and fathers burying their child’s when they young. I’m from Oakland where everyone bio on Instagram have R.I.P inside. I’m from Oakland where people going to jail 16 and doing life in a cell and would never get out they just waiting to see another day out that cell. I am from a place where young niggas going to prison from dumb stuff like I did I was following niggas do not give a rat. I’m from Oakland where we gang bang at. I am from a place where women just want you for your money and style. I am from a place when you see a lot of drop out people. I’m from Oakland where niggas kill niggas people be forgetting that its black lives matter. I’m from Oakland where girls get called hoes. I am from a place where people do dice games and your best friend turn behind your back and killed your ass it be cold in these Oakland streets. I’m from Oakland where some young kids play a sport, then a couple of years they make it out the hood that’s a blessing. I’m from Oakland where people hit 18 just waiting to hit 21 that is a blessing. I am from a place that young kids smoking doing drugs. I’m from Oakland when a girl get pregnant while they 13. I’m from Oakland when someone dies and they claim that person that do not even know you. I am from a place where you get spit on. I’M FROM OAKLAND.

Photo by allaboutgeorge

CC BY-SA 4.0 Blessings by Maxwell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Ashanti 2 years ago

    very true

  2. Will 2 years ago

    Deep stuff. Well written.

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