I am From

I am from a use to be drug abuse, so now she needs the drug use

From an older brother who is angry, so he takes it out on me

Where the younger brother doesn’t know, so he listens to what he’s told

And the baby sister who was too small, for it to have an impact on her at all

I am from a depression, disorder and pills I won’t take

From the refusal of using medicine, to get rid of my pain

Where cuts are scars may not make it go away

But some things can change, so I try it anyway

I am from holding in anger for much too long

From abusing the siblings to make me feel strong

Where fighting and hitting at the time, didn’t feel wrong

But now here I am, feeling guilty and cutting my arm

I am from “She’s too dark to have a right to be loved”

From the color of my skin looking nasty and rough

Where being nice and pretty just wasn’t enough

And my momma ain’t raise no bitch, so I have to be tough

I am from rape on January 6th of 2016

From damage being done, that is slowly getting to me

Where I wrote it all down in my phone diary

But the phone is now broken, yet still full of bad memories

CC BY-SA 4.0 I Am From by Patrisha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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