For a few weeks, I have been reading the book “I will plant you a lilac tree.” This book tells the story of a young woman, Hannelore Wolff, that goes through very rough situations during the war. Including, staying in concentration camps, getting raped, assaulted, and also being separated from her family. She endures going through hunger and plenty of working every day that makes her believe at times she can longer live. But through all this, she finds a true love. Her true love helps her make the workdays go faster and have something to hope for at the end of the day.

This book actually has similarities with a lot that is happening nowadays. However, this book is based on the topic of Jews and Nazi’s. People of color are not having a hold of the same rights as everyone else. Although Jews would not have any chance at equality at all, especially when the dictator, Adolf Hitler came to rule, they stood no chance and many jews were assassinated or put into concentration camps. Blacks are not treated this bad, but there have been a lot of violent situations in the community with police forces.




  1. Dinakar 4 years ago

    Monce- This was a very serious problem topic that came into play during WW2 which was in the 1940s. The book sounds very interesting but unfortunately this was not the case for many of the jews during the holocaust. But this was almost as worst as descriminaton got in the world. But as you said there are still inequality going on in the country today. Not only African Americans but also Muslims because of all the Muslim terrorists. This is a very serious religion because people are starting to become racist towards Muslims. This is not their fault as a religion it is very unfair for them to be treated like this and it is important that we get over this as a country. It will take time but we have to work together. But if you are writing about equality you should show examples of black and muslim inequality to make your stance stronger. This is a good start that I believe you can build upon!

  2. Daniel 4 years ago

    I think that it looks like a very interesting book to read.

  3. Marisol 4 years ago

    Dear, Monce I am so interested in reading that book. I find it really interesting how this young girl gets though going through tough situations during war.

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