Living life in Oakland

where the way we express our anger

by killing each other on the streets

Blacks killing each other

as well as the police


I’m from Oakland

where fights turn into killings

& drug dealers are still dealing

we go through a lot of struggles

just to make it on our own

but the best part is making is to safely, making it home


I’m from Oakland

where Glocks take shots

and people who snitch are considered Opps

people doing years in prison right now

due to the fact, they didn’t want to snitch

so they rather remain in a cell for someone else

instead of getting rich


Now about me

I’m from Frisco where I grew up in the hood

tried to survive the best way I could

my dad was never in my life

the last time I saw him

when I was three

but the sad part about it

is that it doesn’t bother me

when I was younger

I wondered if he would ever be found

if he would come back in my life and be around


I use to get Fs and Ds

now I’m striving for As and Bs

I went from a 0.00 to a 2.00

I just gotta stay on track

and be successful though

because in order to cash out

I gotta stay on the right route

I gotta stay doing good

making sure my grades don’t drop

because regardless who say I can’t make it

I’m a make it to the top




  1. Julio 4 years ago

    This was a good poem

  2. Leonardo 4 years ago


  3. Jade 4 years ago

    I like how you talked about where you were from and about your personal life. I also like how you in so many ways you described your life story.

  4. Carlos 4 years ago

    damn you be not lying. good effort keep going.

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