Author: Lorena

On the Low

I am from days of happiness and laughter
but it all goes away the day after
Every time I smile
it’s just for a while
There’s always days that are bad
and I have to stop feeling sad

I am from a family if arguments and fights
it just doesn’t seem right
I keep everything on the low
because I don’t want anyone to know
I don’t want people to worry
or feel sorry
I try to ignore what they say
but every day is it’s the same old, just a different day

I am from a place where people pray to see the age of nineteen
where no one wants to end in a crime scene
I am from a place where all people hear are screams
it all goes to its extremes
But I also come from a place where drugs are being sold from one nation to another
this place is so dangerous you’re not even safe from your own mother

I am from a place where I can’t express my emotions
When people ask if I am okay
I don’t even know what to say
It all feels so strange
there are a lot of things I would like to change

Where I am from not everything is bad
Friends by my side helping me stand tall
Even when my back is against the wall
they will not let me fall.