When my Uncle showed my family his new electric car, I was unsure what to think. My generation especially has grown up with the perception that every car runs on gas, but this is quickly changing.

Toyota is beginning to plan for a future with 90% fewer emissions from its cars by the year 2050. This was first introduced by Toyota with the in 1997. Toyota has been working on this idea for many years but they remained hesitant due to the fact that electric cars take a long time to charge.

Only recently has the success of the Tesla convinced Toyota to pursue the electric car industry. It is certain within our lifetime, Toyota will be manufacturing electric cars.




Photo by hans-johnson

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  1. Lauren 2 years ago

    I think that in the future we will be seeing many car companies making electric cars. My dad thinks that electric cars will become popular in about five to ten years. I think that electric cars will save a lot of people on gas. Do you think that car companies will raise the price of electric cars due to people not paying for gas? I also think that in the future we will see driverless cars. Right now, I cannot imagine sitting in the seat and letting the car do the driving. I think that though we will all become accustomed to electric and driverless cars.

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