“I Am From”

I am from the hood

When young ladie walk down the street

And the men ask “what’s good?”

I am from Oakland

When you walk down the street muthafuckas get shot

Bodie drop

They say the block “hot”


I am from a family

With no trust

Might as well call them the “scamily”

I am from a world

Where shit ain’t easy

And shit wasn’t handed to me

This is our world


I am from my brother world

Where he got shot

If you think my family took it easy

I think not

I am from a cold world

Where you learn to put yo struggles on yo back

And you never look back



I am from my struggles

Where I had to grow up young

Because all my family is good for is making trouble

I am from a place

Where I feel alone

But I know ima’ make it on my own


I am from home

Where my mom is my dad

I think that shit sad

Because all “men” are not men

And I think that shit bad

I wish I could take it back


I am from negativity

Where people think I’m not go be nothing

Ima show them something

Cause ima make something of nothing

I am from a world being told

That young ladies not being nothing in life

Is getting old


I am from me

Where I’m my own team

And if no one got me

I got me

I am from me

Where I’m the realist one on my team

Cause ain’t nobody gone go harder for me

But ME


I am from Jojo’s World

I am from Jamari’s World

I am from Vonn’s World

Throw yo J’s up

Let em’ know where you from

They always told me

Not being nothing in life ima end up dumb

But ima do it for them and make everybody numb


CC BY-SA 4.0 “I am From” by Jade is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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