The issue presented in this form is if Obamacare is good and should be kept, or if it is bad and should be removed. There are multiple sides to this argument, many for and many against,with many pros and cons. These pros and cons are from healthcare

One pro is that it provides free healthcare for the poor and needy who cannot afford healthcare and that the prices “should” be affordable for everyone, but the con reflecting that is that people who can afford it are being taxed by a large percentage, because in 2014, the rate in which the taxes for Obamacare came up 49% compared to 2013’s rate.

Another topic that this is in is it’s impact on the federal deficit, with the pro being that it saved $200 billion in ten years and $1 trillion in the second decade, while the con attributed to this is that it actually raised the deficit by $131 billion in the 2015-2024 budget window and amounted to a total $311 billion in its net deficit impact.

Another big issue concerning Obamacare is if it is improving Medicaid, with the pro of that it is and granting incentives to states for improving their Medicaid and that they were expanding Medicaid, but the con to this is that it actually made Medicaid worse than having no healthcare at all, because it caused Medicaid patients to be 25% more likely to have an in-hospital death than those completely without health care.

The pros and cons listed in this paragraph are from One pro for this is that Obamacare prevents you from getting dropped from coverage if you are sick, but the rebuttal for this is that it causes insurance companies to pay for everyone thus causing a rise (even a spike) in insurance prices for everyone.

Another pro is that the mandate requires businesses with over 50-full time employees to provide coverage for the employees, but the con associated with this pro is that this is causing businesses to reduce employee hours and even possibly lay off workers because they cannot afford to provide coverage for that many employees.

One more pro is that it Obamacare causes the $3 trillion healthcare business to thrive because it retains a free market stance, but the con associated with this is that even though a for-profit healthcare is good for the economy, it spikes prices and now Americans have more expensive healthcare than most other countries that have more “universal” healthcare.


ObamaCare: Pros and Cons of ObamaCare

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