Abortion has been legal in the United States since the 1973 Roe v. Wade case.

However, there are still people who believe abortion to be murder and a crime. They refer to themselves as “Pro-Life.” The Pro-Choice believers are advocates for abortion or rather advocates for women’s rights to choose whether or not to have the procedure. Roe v. Wade stated that a woman’s choice to terminate her own pregnancy is protected by the right of privacy.

However, the opposing argument is that this termination morally counts as murder. There have even been studies that support the ideas that human life occurs at conception and that abortions cause extreme pain to the fetus. Yet there are also contradicting studies that claim fetuses are incapable of feeling pain from this procedure.

Without legal abortions in the U.S., there is a fear that women will start to find extreme measures to terminate unwanted pregnancies. This fear came from countries without the legal right to abort a fetus. Women in these countries will consume poisons and cause physical harm to themselves (at times resulting in death). The procedure currently legally used in the U.S. is sterile and causes no physical harm to the mother. Once again, though, there is an argument on the psychological harm that women can experience from termination of a pregnancy.


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