Thousands of years ago there was a civilization in greece in which the citizens  called themselves spartans. Today the spartans live in East Lansing and wear the name on their sports  jerseys. The Spartans today are extremely different than the ancient civilization of Sparta. My favorite word is Spartan because I have been one since birth. I have been a diehard Michigan State fan since I was a little kid. I watch all of the  MSU football and basketball games every year. I have always wanted to wear the green MSU jersey and play on saturdays . Growing up on campus I have seen the values of earning your right to be there and a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Constantly seeing these  spartan values growing up, and i believe have adapted a few of them. Even if i didn’t play at MSU I wanted to be in the Izzone or in the student section at Spartan stadium.The word spartan usually refers to someone from Sparta but it can also mean a person that has characteristics of  being a Spartan like being  brave, disciplined,having  courage and a never give up  attitude.The origin of Spartan comes from the citizens of Sparta. The Spartans showed these characteristics at the battle of Thermopylae where they were outnumbered but didn’t give up. The word Spartan at first makes me think of Michigan State then I think of the Spartan helmets with the horsehair Mohawks and the warriors that wore them. For all of these reasons and more that make the word Spartan my favorite word.




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