Over the last few years, police brutality towards African American males in the United States has significantly been on the rise. According to data on mappingpoliceviolence.org, a site that takes on the mapping and count of police killings of African Americans across the United States, the police have killed at least 346 blacks in 2015 and 217 in 2016. Law enforcement has failed to provide the public with exact numbers of how many blacks die to due Police killing, which is defined as “a case where a person dies as a result of being chased, beaten, arrested, restrained, shot, pepper sprayed, tasered, or otherwise harmed by police officers, whether on-duty or off-duty, intentional or accidental “ ( mappingpoliceviolence.org). Although the government mandated the Death Custody Reporting Act, it is still unclear whether police departments will comply with the mandate and reported how many blacks and other civilians have died due to police killing.

Police Violence against blacks has been found to keep the black communities from making a lot of 911 calls. “ A new study reveals another unseen but far-reaching impact: Residents in predominantly black neighborhoods in Milwaukee were far less likely to call 911 for months after the beating” (Diedrich and Luthern, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Study: 911 calls fell in black neighborhoods after police violence against unarmed black men). The study found that after the beating of Frank Jude 12 years ago, residents living in the same neighborhood were less likely to call the police. Once the city of Milwaukee experienced a drop in 911 calls, the city saw a surge in homicides in 2005, and the authors of the study found this to be due the spike killings of blacks. The researchers also found a drop in 911 calls in predominantly black neighborhoods after the beating of Danyall Simpson by a Milwaukee officer. The Jude killing was first published by the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, and they described the injuries Jude suffered and the failure by police and state prosecutors to thoroughly investigate what would later be described as the torture of Jude by the officers outside an off-duty police party in Bay View in October 2004. After this publication, the authors of the study noticed a drop in 911 calls in black neighborhoods.



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