Finesse is commonly misinterpreted as just a word, but it is much more than that, finesse is a way of life. When you live your life with finesse,you conduct yourself in a very smooth manner and handle situations and obstacles in your life with panache and cleverness, you are constantly looking for opportunities to get the most out of every situation. Being able to finesse your way out of sticky situations is a very important skill to have. If you have this skill, you have the ability to persuade somebody or manipulate a situation so the outcome is in your favor. Finesse is more than just a spoken word, It is a mixture of different actions including your ability to set the tone of a situation and manipulate your body language to your advantage or to make a statement..

Finesse is an amazing word not just because of its meaning, but also because its sound. This word sounds the same as its meaning, it sounds very smooth and it flows off your tongue when said. The word finesse means many different things to many different people, it can be used to your advantage in countless situations. For example, if you did not practice a speech for class but, you still gave an exceptional speech and got a good grade, that is a perfect situation where you finessed the speech by not trying but still getting a good grade.




  1. Koji 3 years ago

    Hi Amjid,

    I really appreciate your post on the word “finesse”. l think it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves, because not only is it an amazing descriptive word that could be used every day, but it is also very fun and satisfying to say. A suggestion for your post would be how you use the word finesse in your every day life, and give some examples so that we have a better understanding about what the word actually means in context.

  2. Grace 4 years ago

    I think your analysis of one word so deeply is very creative and inspiring. I particularly liked how you said, “this word sounds the same as its meaning.” I would not have thought about that on my own, but now that you say it, I completely agree. Thank you for your in depth discussion about such a beautiful word.

  3. Allie 4 years ago

    I just think this post is brilliant. Finesse is an underrated word and often misused. I completely agree with the way you defined it.

  4. Seth 4 years ago

    I completely agree with Annika, what a profound comment. Finesse is important in taking advantage of people and climbing up the corporate ladder. Hopefully I can improve my ability to finesse people so I can become successful.

  5. Caroline 4 years ago

    I loved your breakdown of the word finesse. Finesse is a great onomatopoeia, it does sound like its meaning. I also think that if people handle situations in life with finesse we are bound to be happier and stress free. I agree that if we handle situations with finesse that that will automatically give us an advantage. I also loved your use of the word panache.

  6. Annika 4 years ago

    I have never really thought this deeply about finesse. What you are saying makes very good sense and I agree. I hope people see me as full of finesse! Do you see yourself as finesse-ful?

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