In the world of renewable energy the sources are great and the possibilities seem greater. With today’s technology the thought that renewable energy sources besides natural gas seem to be something very plausible and something we see right before our eyes.

According to Clean Technica “Renewable energy is cheap today” and coming with the lower price tag comes the nature that renewable energy is used more often. With the good also comes the bad as Conserve Energy Future said “Like fossil fuels, renewable sources have their own shortcomings. They are highly dependent on whether. Any significant change in weather can reduce the production of energy from these sources.”

Both the choice to use renewable energy and use traditional natural gas come with pros and cons you might not even think about. Some pros include stable energy prices, there is a constant source of energy, low greenhouse gas emissions and considerable job creation. Some cons include it takes a large sum of money to get started, large areas of land are often needed, and it’s not available to everyone.

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  1. Seiji 4 years ago

    Yeah it is a little all over the place but the theme and your message are explained very well.

  2. Lily 4 years ago

    I like the subject of your post, but it seemed your thoughts were a little jumbled. It was a good idea, but perhaps organize what you want to say a bit more next time. I like how you stayed neutral on your opinion though. Nice!

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