As a Marxist, the most important political issue in this election, as in every election, is economic policies. Unsurprisingly, I campaigned for Bernie Sanders, and donated money to “Our Revolution.”

My candidate is no longer in the election, so I did not spend time looking into the economic policies of Trump and Clinton. This is because there is a great discrepancy between a Trump and Clinton, making it an easy choice. But, to be prudent and rational I must take a look at what Clinton and Trump have to say in regards to taxes and economy.

One notable issue is corporate and federal income tax. I suspected Clinton would have the more informed “socialist” point of view while Trump would have the uber “capitalist” point of view. My suspicions were correct as Clinton agreed in higher income tax for wealthy and a more compressive system for middle and lower class Americans (Clinton, 2016). Trump said he wanted significantly lower taxes for everyone, however, he suggested that the wealthy would pay the most (Trump, 2016).

I figured Clinton would support the status quo for corporate tax, but was surprised to find that there is barely any information on her policies, but what I found is that she wants to close the loopholes and make corporations pay their “fair share” (Clinton, 2016). Trump, inversely, believes that the corporate tax should be dramatically reduced to compete with China (Trump, 2016).


CC BY-SA 4.0 The Never Ending Argument of Trump vs Clinton by Andrew is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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