“Publishing for the K-12 school market is an $8 billion industry, with three companies – McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – capturing about 85% of this market”(http://tablets-textbooks.procon.org/).

This insane to think about because we don’t think of textbooks being worth that much. So from their perspective it makes sense on not making the transition from books to tablets. The benefits that teachers say is that it’s saving the environment, about 80% say they enrich the classroom, and cost about 50%-60% less.

The downside is that kids can become distracted from it because of apps or social media these days. Another thing is that there is a study that shows reading print is better retained than reading digital text.

So with everything gathered from this we can that the future will definitely be in digital books because the future is in technology over old devices for learning.

As More Schools Embrace Tablets, Do Textbooks Have a Fighting Chance?


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