I’m interested in the topic of gun control and how we can not take away guns from the american people because personally I do believe in the second amendment and how everyone has a right to bear arms but the process of obtaining a gun should have a little more background checks and a little harder process for getting a gun. Regarding the second amendment that I just learned was the amendment was meant for militias and that gun violence would be reduced. Everyone opposed to these restrictions argue that guns are needed for self defense and they say that more guns defers crime rather than increase it.  With all of these shootings that recently happened for example the child that shot up his school and killed his father to get the gun is one people need to look at. It should be the gun owner’s responsibility to lock the gun up and not leave it for children to grab it. While they are locking their guns up it should be the seller of the guns obligation to apply a background check to prove who shouldn’t receive a gun. All the issues regarding gun control should be addressed and I don’t personally want to take away the guns but I believe there should be more restrictions and a harder process to get a gun and to keep it out of the hands of children and those who shouldn’t be around guns.

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