Hillary Clinton’s believes that costs shouldn’t be a barrier for those who are to attend school. Some ways she is hoping to make this dream a reality is through having states invest in education, community colleges offer free tuition, and not allowing debt to hold you back. Hillary hopes that through these efforts the United States will be stronger and better educated in the future. This information is brought to you by https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/college/

Currently students are looking to the web for ideas on how to get through college debt free. One website offers four tips on looking to avoid the gloomy abyss of debt. Their first tip is to find money, this may be through receiving grants, scholarships, military based funding, crowdfunding, or employer tuition reimbursement. If you are lucky enough to have a substantial amount of money from these sources you may be able to pay your way through college with no to minimal students loans. The second tip is to make money. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a full time job but just a cash flow to help you pay for life in general. Tip number three is to look for lower tuition costs, how you might ask? Attend college in-state, find where tuition is lowest based on major, or pursue a degree that offers scholarships or grants. These three recommendations will make the total bill much lower. The final tip that the article leaves you with is to reduce expenses in your day to day life. Some ways to do this include leaving your car at home, reducing the amount of times you go out to eat, or renting the more expensive books you need. Good luck on your future endeavors future students! These helpful tips are brought to you by https://www.goodcall.com/education/graduate-debt-free/#section2

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  1. Will 2 years ago

    Thanks Annika I’ll use these tips I the future. Good writing too by the way. Your piece was well crafted and expertly organized.

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