According the article written on there has been around 1,436 executions from 1977 to May 2016. The death penalty is used to punishment mostly for murderers, but also for capital punishments such as treason, espionage, and other crimes. It follows the belief “an eye for an eye”  to honor the victim, which doesn’t function because it isn’t possible to do an eye for an eye in all circumstances. For example if a child was raped and killed, would the parents of the victim child rape and kill the murderer’s child also?  

Apart from that the executions are carried out mostly by lethal injection(s), depends if it’s the three step or single step injection. It cost more to execute people than keep them in life in prison, for example California has spent $184 million on the death penalty currently. (Death Penalty Facts)  

It has also been argued that the death penalty decreases the crime rate but there has not been a strong evidence proving this to be true. Rather it is shown that crime rate is high wear the death penalty, such as in the South who carry 80% of the U.S. executions has a high regional murder rate.


Death Penalty Facts

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