As of 2014, 33 million people in the United States did not have health insurance, a serious epidemic and a huge issue for many people with serious medical problems that do not have access to health care that they can actually afford. A national right to affordable health care would improve the standard of living in the United States, due to easier access to needed procedures, and provide for a healthier general population. It would also provide for private and public health care spending to decrease by $1.8 trillion over the next decade due to the lowered costs of administrative and prescription drugs.


         Although it is argued that national health care would increase the wait-time for necessary produces, it will actually possess the ability to save lives, allowing all people access to necessary procedures, creating jobs for those performing the procedures. Amount the uninsured, the risk of death increase by about 40% and is associated with as many as 44,789 deaths per year. Many of these deaths could be avoided with the proper access to procedures, doctors, and proper medication. This would greatly increase the quality of life for those living with medical conditions, as many symptoms could be reduced with the proper care.


          The right to health care is an internationally recognized basic human right, along side the right to a free and equal life, many other right the United States chooses to uphold to the absolute best of their ability (for the most part). Health care should not be any different.


    The Affordable Care Act, the brainchild of President Barack Obama, will do it’s best to insure affordable, government funded healthcare to all Americans, not limiting due to age, amount of treatments, or pre-existing conditions. This act could help to save the lives of millions of Americans suffering at the hands of healthcare that’s far too expensive for them.

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