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I would like to address the problem of wage increase in jobs. I know it’s a topic that everyone at least talked about once, and that shows something must be done. The increase in housing and food prices has rose over the years, while wages have stayed the same. The economy is growing in rapid speeds, and it troubles me that we’ll only be able to live off these checks that barely provide necessities. All I ask for the next president is to be able to provide higher wages starting now instead of waiting until 2020 for it to finally reach $15 an hour. I thank you for listening to this request.



Mariah Velez


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  1. Maddie 2 years ago

    What about the possible consequences of raising minimum wage? Increasing the minimum wage could also cause things to become more expensive because companies will need to fill the void of the money they lose when paying higher wages. Companies that are smaller and don’t have the funds to pay employees at higher rates could go out of business which would lead to job loss and the problem of people not being able to sustain themselves is worsened instead of fixed.

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