Dear Next President,


Well first of all i congratulate you on your success. I think the main things that you should focus on is police brutality and all the violence that goes on in the streets. The reason for this is that there have been a lot of murders recently and they go unsolved. The police brutality has been going on for a while and at times it seems like nobody really cares about them. Police officers can do whatever they want and they go unpunished. The families of those who go through this end up feeling like they are less in society because the hurt of a family member being hurt by someone we think should be protecting us makes them feel lost. I don’t think that anybody should feel like they don’t matter.

I say that the violence in the streets has to be taken more into consideration instead of just saying “Oh that’s gang violence, we shouldn’t even pay attention to them.” The violence in the streets isn’t just a matter of who did it. It is about getting closure for the families who lost a loved one because of police brutality or violence in the streets. You as president, should be able to take more time with this. Those people that this is happening to are the ones who voted for you so why not help them out if they helped you out too? Thank you for your time and I hope you can take my suggestions into consideration.  


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