Posted by Guadalupe on September 26, 2016

Is Clinton better than Trump?

Dear Hillary Clinton,

You could be the next new president of the United States, and I think that you are just as bad as Donald Trump because you don’t care about the poor.

I believe that before you were a good person and actually cared about the people and tried getting the people better health care until the money talked and you were bought so you stop caring for their health care.

I believe that what really interests you is the power and money. The only reason I would like you to win is so Donald Trump won’t win because deporting families is unfair. The U.S is a place of immigrants, and in many different ways we are all immigrants, so why keep deporting people when all they want is to have a better future?

I hope that my thoughts of you change and that you come up with a plan to stop families from being separated.


Guadalupe Ramirez