What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word “UNITED States” The United States is meant for people to come united in different type of race, sex, and disability, not just one ethnic group. But in reality none of this action have been done. One problem that needs to be solved is not to send no immigrants to their place when they came here to work for years and just take them and send them because they are different. Another problem is to let people work who really needs it and who need people to work and not wait for somebody to come when they don’t need it just taking up time and money will they are people dying to get money at any way even if it’s lower than the wage should be. The last problem that should be solved to is the wages of work because and opportunity because people who are america get to work less time and have higher wages while they kick and oppose people with no paper have lower wages and more hour to work killing himself to maintain himself living. So if the word United steps in will it make a difference.





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