Dear President,

I am concerned about illegal immigration to our country. I am by no means against people from around the world moving to the United States of America to become citizens. That is in fact what makes our country so great and is how it has become what it is today. However if we allow people to come freely it devalues the hard work of people who perhaps struggled for years to become American citizens.

In America an American can go to jail for trivial things such as setting off firecrackers in the wrong place. Meanwhile an illegal immigrant, someone who has, legally speaking, invaded our sovereign nation, can live here for years with no consequences. In fact they often receive benefits.

The system needs to be fixed, so that if someone comes here illegally they must suffer some sort of consequence for that. Because otherwise it is unfair to the American people. I love the idea of more people coming to the US from around the globe; it would further diversify our already diverse nation and help us to advance as a nation. However they must come the right and legal way.

Alex Speicher



  1. Paul 4 years ago

    I Completely agree with you. Just like our personal homes have borders and we have complete control of who comes in and out of them, our country needs to have strong borders and complete control of who comes in and out so we keep out bad people and ensure we have a sovereign and prosperous nation with a vetting process so we only let in good productive people that would be good for our country.

  2. Naomi 4 years ago

    Depending on the country people are coming from, there is no way for them to legally immigrant to America. This is because it may be illegal all together for them to flee, but what if they feel they need to immigrate because where they are living is unsafe? I understand where you are coming from by saying it could devalue the hard work of American citizens, but I think we should be more concerned with the safety of people in general.

  3. Tyler 4 years ago

    I agree, there should be consequences for illegal immigration. I also think that we should put countermeasures in place to help reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

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