There is no doubt that words can be very powerful. The use of certain words can alter the course of an author’s writing. Using the right wording can spark emotion, thought, and even actions. Euphoric. A word used to express an intense feeling of excitement or happiness. The word itself sounds important and strong yet influential. It is used to create emphasis about the way you feel in a more powerful way. Sometimes, saying ‘you are excited’ is not enough to express the true emotions which is why I have only ever seen ‘euphoric’ being used in short stories or poems. The word is used to create vivid imagery in short pieces of writing. The sound of the word in itself sounds empowering. Sometimes, it is not the just the definition that gives a word its power and likability, but the sound of it instead. At the end of the day, I believe that the combination of definition and sound makes great words we all enjoy using.





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