What is one thing that makes every person a human? The need to sleep. Kids neglect it, college students want it, and adults need it. Sleep plays a different role in each and every person’s life, however it is an essential aspect that provides everyone with the same result: rest. This word is so intriguing because it is considered such a simple act by many, but a very complicated field of science by those who study it.

     While speaking the word evokes a feeling of tiredness in many, it is also interesting to observe the shape of the word. Every time I see the word, I see the double e’s next to each other which reminds me of how humans sleep: in a horizontal position. Pronouncing this word also sounds like a good night’s rest. The double e’s give the word a prolonged pronunciation in the middle.

     Another interesting aspect of the word is that every animal that inhabits Earth sleeps, and they have been doing it since the earliest that humans go back to. Even though the action of sleeping has been around for as long as humans can go back to, it still remains a science today, with many scientists researching the effects of sleep on different people and the different types of sleep

     Sleep is also the one thing that controls various aspects of people’s lives. It controls people’s weights, their emotional state, and how they operate physically. One simple word, one simple idea can influence a person’s life so heavily, so I believe it should be given more importance and respect.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Unplugging from the Real World by Sid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Tino 2 years ago

    Nice post Sid. I liked the opening lines of the piece, they pulled me in and made me want to finish reading. I also liked how you described how the word looked like a person sleeping.

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