What is the meaning of multi-sided?

I think that this is my favorite word because it has many definitions that differ from math to shapes and objects that you use everyday. But the definition that I am using is the one that define who everyone is  as a person.

If someone were to define what everyone’s personality is like, I think that people would say that everyone is different and it doesn’t matter if you have a twin or not.. They might see a side that everyone have perfected for years or one that shows the true colors of who they are.  

I think that everyone has a certain side that they don’t show to people or show it to certain people who they trust. I think that everyone has side that  is different because they share different qualities such as some may drop fire mix-tapes to playing a kicker on an amazing football team to being on the funniest people that I have known.  

I think that this class has many people who are unique in many ways that I  would like to get to know. Because getting to know people is an amazing thing that a person  everyday can experience. I think that you have to take this opportunity as you are stuck in a room for 1 hour everyday for an entire semester.

Photo by jikatu


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