My favorite word is bamboozled, and it is such a fabulous word. I’m not really sure why, it’s just so much fun. It means to be deceived or get the better of by use of trickery. It can make any situation lighthearted and enjoyable in an instant. No matter the context, you can’t stay totally mad after hearing that word. Everything about it is fun. The meaning, the contexts that it’s used in, the pronunciation, and even the spelling. The word bamboozled is just fantastic. Like, how many times have you heard the word bamboozled and gotten mad? You barely even hear it because it’s such a precious word that no one wants to ruin it by means of overuse.

The reason I became so attached to this word is because I have a friend who always likes to use the most random and uncommon words whenever he can apply them. Bamboozled happened to be one of his most latest ones, and ever since then we started using it occasionally, and now there’s never a dull moment. I think that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much.

Now let’s get deeper into the use of this classic work of art in the English speaking world.  “Curses! Bamboozled again!”. Now read that over again, and then just apply to several different people using that phrase. Picture the situation, the reasoning, everything. Now, tell me why you dislike this word? Oh, nothing? Exactly! It’s an infallible masterpiece! A word that doesn’t get enough respect, but since we are living in the 21st century, let’s not give it too much respect, we all know what happens then.

I hope people give this word proper respect, but don’t use it, that’s my thing.

Photo by torbakhopper


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