While there are over a million words in the english language I would have to say that my favorite most influential word of all is Success. Why success you ask? Well my reasoning isn’t exactly the best but success is my favorite word of all because it’s what I strive for in life. I want to be successful in life so that when the day comes for me to look back I can say that it’s been a great life. This is the reason why I even bother to open my eyes and wake from a nice dream because I want to turn those dreams into reality by working hard towards success. My biggest fear of this word is it turning into the opposite and all my hard work being for nothing meaning that my reality turns out like my nightmares instead of my dreams. Many people strive for success which is normal, but many also don’t always achieve it because of certain obstacles in their lives which turn everything upside down. I don’t want to be one of those people, I don’t want failure to be an option for me. Every day I work hard and try my best at everything I do in order to achieve my goals in life because what’s the point of life with nothing to look forward to. There are countless night where I often don’t sleep because I doubt myself and over think about all the other possibilities and outcomes of something I do/did or something I may have said or was gonna say and it’s all just frustrating because I have to think every single detail over and over so that I don’t make the wrong choices that will have a major impact on my life. The road to success is always a long journey filled with a lot of pain and suffering, but in the end the rewards will be greater than the pain which is why I try to do all it takes to live my life how I want to.  


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