Dear President,

I have decided to write you a letter on the rape culture in the US. This is a big problem and it is all over the country. It portrays itself in songs such as Blurred Lines which became very popular. There are numerous other songs about rape and it portrays itself in other media as well. Another large part of rape culture is that the punishment is less than the punishment for petty theft. For example Brock Turner who raped an unconscious girl only got 3 months in jail but you can get up to a year for petty theft. This is obviously a huge problem and I hope that you can do something to help with the issue.





  1. Destiny 4 years ago

    I completely agree with everything you said. Media portrays rape in so many aspects and it isn’t right. Back to when you talked about blurred lines, they played that at the homecoming dance. Which isn’t right to play a song about rape at a school. I also agree we need to make the charge for rape worse like a longer sentencing and parole.

  2. Celia 4 years ago

    I hate the song Blurred Lines and I hate how popular it is. My homecoming dance was last Saturday and they played it and I was upset because schools should not play songs condoning rape.

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