I believe that racism and violence should be the main issues that the president addresses. Racism fuels violence, but I am also talking about global events, such as the Syrian civil war. If our nation fights racism and helps out more with the peace talks in the Middle East, it will be for the greater good.

Racism has been in this country, and the world, for many centuries. We have come a long way from what the 1800s were like, but we still have to address it today. African-Americans, Mexicans, etc are being discriminated either to police, citizens, or a presidential candidate. If the next president takes special notice to these events, I feel like it would improve and help redirect the racial violence that has been going on in this country.

The Syrian Civil War has killed nearly 500,000 people, and left millions more homeless and as refugees. The president should definitely step up the humanitarian effort in the middle east and send help and aid.



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