An issue that needs to be fixed in our country is a biased Media. Recently the Media has been strongly based on opinion or has only given facts that will persuade the masses. Important facts are being left out of articles, this does not allow the reader to form their own opinion on the subject matter. This problem will be near impossible to solve because every human has their own opinion and it is hard for them to fight for both sides, also we tend not to be “colorblind” and bring racism into every argument.

Until recently CNN called people who worried about Hillary Clinton’s health “conspiracy theorist and sexist”, this is not ok. They ignored fact and wrote articles based on opinion. Another example is the news stating that police “target” African Americans. In reality, only 26% of people killed by cops (2015) are of African descent (50% were white). Another example of  bias media was when a concealed weapons carrier stopped a mass shooting  from happening outside a South Carolina nightclub, only three were injured. This is not a widely spread story, probably due to the want of gun control in America. The media has switched between conservative and liberal bias throughout the years but has also incorporated corporate bias. This Bias limits the flow of information and needs to be dealt with.

Image:@thedailycougar. “Media Bias: The New Normal? – The Daily Cougar.” The Daily Cougar ICal. N.p., 11 Nov. 2012. Web. 22 Sept. 2016.



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  1. Melaina 4 years ago

    I’m your secret writing pal!!!! And I also think this piece of writing was really well said about media’s bias, and we should be receiving the truth which is most important. The media was invented to keep us aware of what was going on around us! So i agree!

    Have a good day

    Melaina 🙂

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