There are many problems facing America today, and many threaten the lives of citizens. I believe that one of the most pressing issues is gun control. In many states, it is easy to obtain guns, easier than it is to obtain an abortion or kinder eggs. It seems like every time I look at my phone, another person has been shot and killed.

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, every day 90 Americans are shot and killed, 8,813 every year. The National Observer reports seven times less firearm related homicide annually in Canada. These statistics make the argument that there is no way to prevent gun violence seem invalid. In countries like Canada where it is difficult to obtain firearms, gun violence takes fewer lives.

What do I recommend to keep guns under control? We could mimic the systems of other countries, Canada clearly has a better handle on the issue. The safest thing to do, though, is to get rid of almost every gun. Even police officers wrongly shoot people more often than most are comfortable with.

Guns are nothing but a danger and should be reserved for only when the most extreme protection is needed (war zones, etc.) Without guns in America, people won’t have to go about their daily lives wondering if they will be the next victim of many to get their face on the news and their own twitter hashtag.




  1. Ben 3 years ago

    Taking guns away in the US is a illogical idea. You say 90 people die a day from guns 62% of that are suicide and even less than that are crimes. Many shootings in the US are justified from people protecting their life’s and there family’s life. Police officers putting there life on the line everyday to protect you use a gun as a tool and them self. The population of Canada is 34,252,514 and that US is 309,162,581 we have 7 times more gun deaths but close to 10 times the population. A alternet way to solve gun violence and mass is to try and fix the US mental health problem. Even if we could take away all the guns it won’t make a difference. They won’t be using guns to kill people they will plow throw crowds in a car like we see in Europe where they have stricter gun laws. People don’t blame the hammer when the carpenter misses the nail they blame the carpenter. The guns are not the problem the people are.

  2. Mitchell 4 years ago

    I understand what you are saying and in a perfect world just taking all the guns away would be the best idea. However that really isn’t an option. 32% of all known guns in America are illegal or non-registered. Taking away all the guns would just mean the ones we know about. That means we would take away that other 68% of guns that are legal leaving the people that owned them legally unable to protect themselves against that 32% of guns that we can’t take away.

  3. Mason 4 years ago

    I believe that taking away guns or boosting gun laws with cause issues. Guns are part of American history and American lifestyle, and by taking these away will irritate the Americans that really care for there guns. I believe that the solution for this is, is greater education for people in America and to educate people on guns and the danger of guns instead of treating them like taboo.

  4. Blake Dean 4 years ago

    Yes, because taking guns away from law abiding citizens is differently the answer. You don’t need to protect your self and your family. Just put up a sign saying “Gun free zone” and criminals will have to follow it because it is the law. Way to go, you just made america a much more dangerous place.

    • Celia 4 years ago


  5. Paige 4 years ago

    I think the total removal of guns is not what we need, but universal background checks, psychology checks, and generally just making it harder to simply obtain a gun

  6. Pat 4 years ago

    Taking away guns is not the answer, just like drugs which are illegal you can obtain whenever. The fact that only 3% of legal gun owners will actually commit a crime with a gun makes me wonder why take the good citizens of Americas guns away. If you are found with an illegal firearm there should be harsher punishment. Many people use these guns to help defend against home intruders and criminal looking to harm you.

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