Posted by Patrick on September 22, 2016

Free Education Simply Won’t Work

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

Reduced Cost of Education –

I recently read an article on youth voices that argued that the government should fund our education to the point that it’s free. I would have to refute this argument and I will do so with one question, where do you think the money that the government has to fund education comes from? It comes from our taxes and an increase in education funding would result in a raise in taxes. Education (college) will never be free because people aren’t willing to pay higher taxes for it. In the article the solution to this was to reduce funding to “nonessential things like the military.” I would disagree with this notion because it would cost so many jobs and leave many people who’ve dedicated their lives to our country feeling betrayed. Also, the military is not nonessential, with terrorism at a high point right now, who will protect us if something were to go wrong?