“Believe in yourself!” A phrase of encouragement, often used as a common phrase, like “how are you?” A rhetorical question that can be exchanged without a response. Yet, this repeated cheer is different – it encourages the power of belief.

I didn’t understand the value of the word believe or its use until college. It was then that I experienced serious failure. As a freshman, I thought I could easily pass my classes without studying; I tried out for the school of music and was not admitted. I started college with the wrong attitude and plan. That’s when I took my first college English class. When I signed up, I was told it would be hard and I was asked “are you sure you want to take that?” The question challenged me to prove everyone wrong. Slowly the words came off of my tongue as a natural mantra, “I believe in myself and that I can do this.” And I did. I loved the class and eventually become an English teacher.

There are various types of believing.  When we’re young we believe in wonders, yet as we get older it is easy to lose that. “Believe” reminds us that every day wonders, like wishing on stars, is for everyone. The word itself prompts us to reflect on what we believe. Whether it’s believing in yourself or others, or believing in imagination or dreams, the word believe is magical and motivating. It can’t be overused after all.



  1. Jessica 3 years ago

    Believing in your self is one of the best thing one can do for its own good. Life is short and negative and repulsive thought about your self won’t do you better. This is a short and truthful statement that believing in your capacity can lead you to accomplish a lot in life.

    • Author
      dawnmreed 3 years ago

      Thanks, Jessica for your response. I agree that belief in self is important for our own lives. I also think it helps others in our modeling of positive self thinking.

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