Alcatraz photoThe book, Life in Prison, talks about how Stanley “Tookie” Williams ended up in prison and how life is like in there. When Stanley was 11, he had heard stories about prison from a guy named “Rock.” Rock had told him, Prison is a place where a man can prove his toughness to other men and how he had gotten into bloody knife fights. Stanley had thought prison was fun place after all these stories. In 1971, when Stanley was 17, he teamed up with Raymond Washington to start a street gang called the Crips. Stanley went to prison in 1981 after being found guilty of committing 4 murders during 2 robberies. He was sent to Death Row at San Quentin. Throughout the book, he talks about how life is like in San Quentin. He wrote the book to remind kids that, “ … real prison life is a brutal, lonely, life-threatening, place that no child should ever want to be in.” I am on the part of the book where Stanley talks about being strip searched every time they are escorted out of their cells. He explains how humiliating it is because they literally have to strip naked and have the guards search every inch of their body. In previous chapters, he’s talked about how his inmates act, how his cell looks and feels, and how he feels about being in prison until he dies. This book can help people make better decisions than what Stanley did. He wants to reduce the amount of people that are in prisons because of how lonely and dangerous it is. This is how I feel about what the author is trying to say.

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