Dear Mr./Mrs. Future President,

I am against the notion of gender neutral bathrooms in the United States. First of all, I want to reiterate that I am NOT against LGBT rights. I believe that they should have the same rights as the other people of the United States and should be given an equal chance to succeed. But, having gender neutral bathrooms is a waste of money and is a bad investment in my opinion.

With having gender neutral bathrooms, you are basing bathrooms on what a person identifies themselves as, not what they were born as, a male or a female. Bathrooms are for either if you are a male or female, not if you identify/say that you are a male or female. Also, if you have gender neutral bathrooms, I feel that it could lead to someone being subjected to bullying. Think about it, if one was to enter a gender neutral bathroom in let’s say a high school, there are likely to be jerks around school to harass kids for going into one of those bathrooms if seen, thinking they identify differently the others. Another example is that what if there is a woman who collapses in a gender neutral bathroom in a bar early in the morning? Would you want the next person to walk in to be a potentially intoxicated male? Maybe it wouldn’t be as likely at a bar, but would you be comfortable to use a public gender neutral bathroom as a female if another male was in there? The idea of gender neutral bathrooms is a good idea, but the way that is implemented just won’t work out and will end up wasting money. It’s unnecessary and I don’t believe it will help people who are bisexual or gender neutral, but end up doing possibly more damage to others.






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    Sid 4 years ago

    #letter2nextpres #okemos #genderneutral 3bathrooms

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