I am reading, Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez. It is an autobiography.

So far of what I have read I’ve noticed  that crossing over the border from Mexico to the United States is not as simple as it sounds like. There is a lot of things that people have to do in order to cross the border illegally.

In the book , the author’s dad had to pay a person to pick them up after they crossed the border. When the author and his family safely crossed the border, Francisco was told by his father that if anyone asked where he was born, he’d supposed to say “… Colton California..”

The author and his family would have to travel to where the crops were good. One day when the author was at school, the Border Patrol came and escorted him back to his home. When all his family was united, the border patrol told them that they had to be deported back to Mexico.

Since only the author, his mother, and his older brother didn’t have any documentaries, they were the only ones to be deported, but they decided that they would all go back as a family.

These are examples of how coming to the United States illegally can cause lack of education for kids because the families have to be moving from one place to another due to the lack of job. Also, being caught by la migra can cause ,in many situations, families to separate. 




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